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There are too many to list but we focus on application-based solutions that eliminate the need for solutions that do not offer network diagnostics such as MPLS.


SD-WAN is a huge 2019 initiative for most companies across all industries but many SD-WAN solutions fall short on reliability. Application Based SD-WAN Solutions allow you to have visibility into your network like you’ve never seen before while allowing you to focus on your most important asset – the application!  The Intelligent Application Based SD-WAN Solution is elevating the traditional routed network and allowing you to meet your application (including video and voice) SLAs each and every time.


How is this done?


Application Based SD-WAN Solutions are the industry’s first and only application-defined network which increases visibility from that of a packet (Layer 3/4 of the networking stack) to that of an application (Layer 7).  You can create policies and priorities for EVERY single application (Cloud, SaaS, Custom, On-Prem) in your environment in order for you to meet those SLAs.

The portal will show you the customer if there is a bandwidth issue and why? Is there a problem with your cloud service, your server, streaming issues or is the problem with your local carrier? Find out instantly saving you time and money!

I could go on and on! 

Application Based SD-WAN Solutions continually monitor the health and performance of your WAN links within each site and can be viewed within the management portal. With visibility into usage by WAN link type, overall link health, link-level statistics (bandwidth, loss, latency, jitter), top applications, and concurrent flows, you can quickly see how your WAN links are performing and glean actionable insights.

Let me introduce you to the best Application Based SD-WAN Solution based on your companies applications and business needs.