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There are too many SDWAN offerings to list but we focus on an application-based solution that offers the following:

  • Network Diagnostics – The customer can see real time where the application bottlenecks are down to the server level. If the issues is in the cloud, the circuit, or a server or any other reason the system will know immediately where the problem is and actively address it.

  • Application Prioritization – We do not simply select the best circuit based on link state, loss and jitter like everyone else. When an application needs to send data we will select the best available path based on real-time application performance.  This is done for each individual application, per user session per voice call in real time.

  • Ease of use – We provide a single portal to configure, manage and measure the entire system from one location.  From 1 site to thousands all locations utilize standardized policies so the network is properly configured uniformly.

  • Licensing – We are licensed buy device and bandwidth, no need for a long lists of licenses or cryptic part numbers.

  • Path Utilization – By utilizing the AppFabric, we can utilize 100% of the bandwidth you are paying for.  Every path is actively used and monitored based on its ability to deliver the applications across any customer provided path in real time.

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